5 Metrics You Can Use to Persuade Your Clients SEO Tactics Really Work

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5 Metrics You Can Use to Persuade Your Clients SEO Tactics Really Work

5 Metrics You Can Use to Persuade Your Clients SEO Tactics Really Work



While paid SEO tools have their own place in your SEO strategy, your marketing expert will be able to deliver a combined approach and help your business rank well with both paid and organic SEO.

Nothing speaks of success as good numbers do. Numbers from Google Analytics reports show rich data you can use to verify that what your SEO strategist did with your page was effective.

Depending on the report you choose to present quantifiable data, you can learn a lot about what works for a specific business. Some clients are happy with simple results from keyword rankings, but if you want to put an extra step, here are 5 metrics you can use to verify organic SEO results:

1. Number of Organic Clicks

Comparing the numbers of organic clicks from two different periods will show you how well your page performed in the set data range. Under Search Analytics (located in the Search Console), you can find a report that issues data about the number of organic clicks, and the search queries associated with those clicks.

This is a very simple way to check the most compelling queries, define the landing pages with maximum clicks, as well as the devices used to perform the queries.

The data also gives some insight into image performance. If you want to specify web-only organic clicks, you need to apply the web filter as you arrange the settings for the report.

2. Organic Keyword Ranking

The most common SEO metric that experts use to drive traffic to your website should not be underestimated. It goes beyond saying that you will be interested in the ranking of the organic keywords. Therefore, you need to follow this indicator closely.

There are many tools you can use to track the performance of target keywords and see how they position fluctuates on daily basis, as well as complete a comparative analysis of your business and your competitors’ businesses to see what works best.

3. Bounce Rate of Organic-Driven Landing Pages

It’s common sense to try and keep users stay on the best performing landing pages. However, landing pages that gain organic traffic won’t reach the goal in the overall SEO strategy if visitors are just bouncing off.

Bounce rates are a vital metric for organic SEO because they can help direct the focus toward users that are most likely to stay and become customers. Higher bounce rates mean that users have either no further interest in your business or that they have found the ideal match on one page. If you want to analyze the percentage of your bounce rates, you need to go to ‘Behavior’ and locate ‘Landing Pages’ under ‘Site Content’.

4. Lifetime User Value

Google Analytics provides a report that lets you know how much is the real value of each user for your business. It is called the Lifetime Value (LTV) Report. The actual user value is calculated on the basis of the user’s lifetime behavior and presented as a cumulative value of certain performance metrics per user for a predefined time period. You can alternate the measures in the LTV formula by applying various time increments, including days, weeks, and months.

The Lifetime Value Report contains a list of metrics that can represent the real value potential of each user acquired by organic SEO. For example, these metrics include indicators such as ‘Pageviews per User, ‘Revenue per User’, and ‘Transactions per User’, all of which can provide an insight of the actual user value.

5. Quality of Inbound Links

Inbound links are a priority for Google search rankings and most SEO consultants use them to build an effective SEO strategy.

You can use several measurements to check your domain’s trust score. A number of authority SEO service providers have developed their own trust score measuring tools. Often, it is best to choose more than one to see how well your inbound linking strategy works within a set of slightly different criteria.

Backlinks are worth gold because they can acquire exponential value in time. Your trustworthiness grows higher as you associate your business with other reputable sources.

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