IOS 14.5 Changes Data Mining for Advertising Agencies

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IOS 14.5 Changes Data Mining for Advertising Agencies



With the public beta for Apple’s latest IOS update already out, the official release of IOS 14.5 is looming.  Set to hit Apple’s products early this spring, sometime around March 22nd, Apple is looking to change the game for data mining advertising agencies.  All is not lost from Apple’s new data tracking policy, but some adjustments to app development and marketing strategy must be accounted for.  

New Features of IOS 14.5 

This update will be available on Apple’s products from the iPhone 6s and on. New features to look forward to are:

    • App Tracking Transparency– Probably the biggest change within Apple’s data tracking; informing Apple’s users about what data is being tracked and if they want it to be tracked.  In an attempt to protect user’s data from being mined at will, Apple gives its users the option to opt-in or opt out of data tracking within apps.   
    • New Face ID Unlock– Being able to use your Apple Watch to assist you in unlocking/locking your phone.  This feature will definitely prove itself useful (especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic), as long as you own an Apple Watch.
    • Default Music Player– Siri can now set a music streaming service as your default, saving you the hassle and extra steps of having to select an option before streaming your music. 
    • More Emojis– If you can’t get enough of Emojis, you got over 200 more!
    • Fitness+ Streaming– The ability now to stream workouts through Apple’s Fitness plus app.
    • Dual 5G SIM Support– iPhone 12’s can now utilize its dual SIM support and allow you to have two 5G lines of service running on one iPhone. 
    • Siri Can Call the Cops– Siri can help you call 911 through a simple voice command with an option to cancel within three seconds.
    • Apple Maps Update– Apple maps gets better by adding new features similar to Waze and Google Maps. 
    • Console Support– Play PS5 and Xbox Series X games on your iPhone/iPad. 

Apple’s Future Vision of Data Mining in Business

Apple is being upfront about data mining and IOS 14.5 is going to change data advertising. This new update will tell users what data is being tracked upon download and will give them the option for to allow it. Once an app is downloaded, users will be notified of what data the app is requesting to track, whether it be for advertising or for in app features.  Apple will display this information in concise “nutrition labels” within the app along with the option to opt-in or out of user data tracking; ultimately giving users more privacy and control on what data they choose to share.  

Facebook’s Thoughts Regarding Advertising Agencies 

Facebook is not happy with this. Apple and Facebook have been going back and forth as two giants built on data collection.  Mark Zuckerberg is on the offense in that he feels Apple has done this solely to interfere with Facebook’s business.  The Facebook CEO continues to by claiming this will only hurt small advertising businesses that utilize data mining as one of their tools in marketing. 

IOS 14.5 and Data Advertising Agencies

This doesn’t change much for ad agencies.  They can still follow the same overall data advertising plans, despite the IOS 14.5 update.  App developers need to be sure to build apps that support AppTrackingTransparency, because if it is not installed, Apple will automatically set eCPM (Effective Cost per Mille) to 0. This basically means that the data advertisers would be able to track, given the user’s permission, wouldn’t count. Different tactics would also be needed to track SKAdNetwork (Attribution from IOS ad campaigns) and IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers).  Overall, app advertising is taking a major pivot in strategy, but all is not lost as marketing agencies are finding ways to work with Apple’s user privacy terms in order to healthily track data as permitted. 

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