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Snapchat Marketing Strategy



Your app’s marketing is going well but you want to really hit home on a target audience. Facebook and Instagram ads did great in casting a net and pulling in a general audience for your app. Now, using Snapchat marketing, you can really hone in on your targeted demographic. Snapchat provides vertical video and image ads that hit a very active user base. Using Snapchat ads grants you great targeting ability and can hit a separate audiences from Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Advertising

Like Facebook and Instagram ads, Snapchat marketing also drives app installs and can reinforce user retention.  Short video ads promoting an app within a story makes a user more likely to download that app in the moment, putting pressure on their need for the app; while in app promotions of events can help user retention rates. Users become more prone to downloading/opening an app on the fly, given the short and engaging ads Snapchat provides. 

Snapchat holds a more immersive experience compared to other ads, making it great for targeting specific audiences. Also, Snapchat ads are up to an eight of the price of Facebook ads. This makes Snapchat great for cross platform testing an ad for a specific audience or marketing campaign. 

Snapchat Location and Story Marketing 

Snapchat doesn’t offer much variety in advertisements, but these ads can really lock in on a location and users types. Here are few of Snapchat’s ad types:

  • Sponsored Geofilter Ads- Targets a specific user’s location. Can use relevant events in the area as promotions. 
  • Sponsored Lenses Ads- Utilizes Snapchat’s features like AR and filters. A fun ad to engage with Snapchat users, using their camera. 
  • Snap Ads- Very similar to story ads on Facebook and Instagram. These are quick video advertisements that can add a narrative story within ads. 

Snapchat Marketing Ideas 

Overall, Snapchat marketing is great for honing in on a targeted demographic. Like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat can target specific user interests and behavior. These ads are a great way of measuring regional engagement with its ability to intensely geo target an audience. Using Snapchat to find where your best possible users are, you can now set your budget and track your Snapchat ads campaign.

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